The Menaion

Translated from Church Slavonic by Isaac Lambertsen

Twelve volumes of 192-500 pages each, 8.5x11", with 3 marker ribbons, containing one or more services for the daily saints and feasts throughout the year. Second edition; most volumes contain services not in the first edition, and have undergone extensive editing. Individual services are available in a 3-hole punch edition. Select tabs above to find services from each month or order the complete looseleaf series below.

icon of January saints
№ 3452 Volume I: September hardbound edition$135.00
№ 3284 Volume II: October hardbound edition$120.00
№ 3351 Volume III: November hardbound edition$120.00
№ 3443 Volume IV: December hardbound edition$130.00
№ 3462 Volume V: January hardbound edition$150.00
№ 3272 Volume VI: February hardbound edition$ 85.00
№ 3134 Volume VII: March hardbound edition$ 70.00
№ 3325 Volume VIII: April hardbound edition$ 70.00
№ 3148 Volume IX: May hardbound edition$ 75.00
№ 3365 Volume X: June hardbound edition$110.00
№ 3423 Volume XI: July hardbound edition$135.00
№ 3395 Volume XII: August hardbound edition$110.00

The Menaion

Complete Looseleaf Series

All 629 services from the Menaion and akathist hymns currently in print. Printed on mylar-reinforced 3-hole punched bond paper. Purchase individual services using the tabs for each month, above. The complete set is discounted approximately 30% from the cost of individual services.

№ 3051 Looseleaf Menaion 3-hole punched$1365.00